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Additional Information

As a Procura Member you benefit from
  • Reduced registration fees for all PROCURA and EUPA activities;
  • Fellowships available and registration preference for training in proteomics;
  • To be an active participant in the decisions of this national and international scientific community entitles you to describe your research group as well as your proteomics research projects and/or services on the ProCura website;
  • Diffuse on the ProCura website your job offers/searching, activities, and opinions on the proteomics field;
  • Get updated information on national/international proteomics activities/research.

What does REDE PROCURA expect from its members?

Active collaboration with REDE PROCURA members by sharing your experience, protocols, and facilities on proteomics. Your opinion and suggestions are always welcome. Visit and participate actively in the REDE PROCURA activities, website, LinkedIn, etc.

Regular Membership FEES

Regular Initiation Fee: 25€

Annual Membership dues: 15€ (corresponding to 1,25€ per month)

Wire Transfer to:


NIB: 0007 0000 0083 6681 1642 3

IBAN: PT50 0007 0000 0083 6681 1642 3


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Relevant Documents


File Type Size Download
Proteo Vilamoura 2022 | Save the Date PNG 2.06 MB Download File
Proteo Vilamoura 2022 PNG 3.34 MB Download File
Estatutos | Rede Procura PDF 2.98 MB Download File
Logo Procuraomics PT PNG 8.46 KB Download File
ProteoVilamoura 2022

2nd Joint meeting of Spanish, French, and Portuguese Proteomics Societies

11-12 May 2022

File Type Size Download
Poster I.7 PDF 747.88 KB Download File
Poster I.8 PDF 1.26 MB Download File
Poster I.9 PDF 1.07 MB Download File
Poster I.4 PDF 696.76 KB Download File

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